Lyrical Eyes

And God said…………. There was this beautiful blue, hazel eyed pecan brown child that made her way into this world on October 26, 1976. She entered in the labor and delivery room, very quietly and then into the nursery. A name was given ” Beleshia” meaning dedicated to God. She began to speak and recite words that left others speechless. It was like she had been touched by God. . Her eyes and what they said were the first. What seeped through her lips mesmerized thoughts and hearts of people. And as years passed her by, she began to hear whispers that stated ” Write my child write. Use the gifts that I give you, pray on them and I will lead you into life. Say what I put on your mind; let your pen flow like water that will never stop. You are gifted and belong to me and I have given you the gift of words. Where some will struggle with conversation, I have blessed you with the end result to conclude every conversation. You my child are blessed with a power of lyrics, stay strong my child, it is time for the world to hear it”.