Shun Lee

ShunShun R. D. Lee can be described as a dreamer with a very strong work ethic. Also known in the music world as, “King Shun Leeonidus” or “KSL” for short. Shun is and extremely talented man with several great talents under his sleeve. Wearing many hats Shun is a; Song Writer, Vocal Arranger, Musician, Magazine Representative, Poet and now to add to the list, an Author. Debuting his writing talents with his very first book, “Late Night Conversations”. Shun has a very bright future ahead of him in the years to come. Coming from a few of Americas favorite city and states; NC, Dc, VA, MI, and Tn. His writing and musical talents are in a style of his own. His tenacious character allows him to meet and great major celebrities at any venue developing the nick name “The Network King”. Shun has a go getter personality. This ambitious young man is in a class all his own. Shun is a very smart, very kind, very humble young man with a heart of gold, with a winning charm that is very hard to resist. I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this great young man in the future. His goal in life is to make something of himself, thru hard work, due diligence and a lot of prayer. Shun hope to inspire other to chase their dreams no matter what. If I could leave one message behind I would say, “Love God, love yourself, and love others more than you love yourself”!!!!!